Tzu Chi Environmental Sustainability Day

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Every third Sunday of the month is Tzu Chi Environmental Sustainability Day. In 40 neighbourhoods across the island, Tzu Chi has garnered the support of various Residents’ Committees, to transform the void decks of HDB blocks, communal pavilions, activity areas, etc. into temporary eco points. Residents living nearby are invited to bring their recyclable items for sorting and recycling on Environmental Sustainability Day. You are also encouraged to bring their children along to learn about environmental protection.

While doing sorting work, the volunteers become more aware of the wasteful habits of a consumerist culture. The experience inspires them to reflect on their own lives, and they start living a less wasteful lifestyle and curbing unnecessary consumption, thereby reducing the amount of trash generated.

Event Time: 9:00pm - 12:00pm (Click here for eco points location)

7 eco points across Singapore
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