Survive the Collapse

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Onboard on this unique adventure to hunt and scavage resources around Singapore. Along the way, you will discover new places in Singapore and reflect on the main climate challenge in 2060.

About Survive the Collapse

IT IS 2060… There are 10 billion people on Earth. The daily average temperature is 45 degrees in Singapore, and energy has become so expensive that most households can’t afford aircon anymore. The weather is unbearable, and the shortage of water due to successive years of drought has pushed the government to suddenly move to the newly discovered planet Bootopia, with other elites.

This move has created a sudden panic and chaos in Singapore that can be compared to the 2020 pandemic time, for those who remember. Earthlings, including YOU, are left to themselves, struggling to survive with dwindling resources on a hostile Earth.

The only way to survive is to fight over the few left resources… but you can’t win alone, you will have to collaborate and trade resources with others as well, if you survive to climatic catastrophes along the way! So… Will you survive the collapse?

Event Time: 12:30pm - 6:00pm

Across Singapore
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