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Accepts perishable and nonperishable food items


Free Food For All is a registered non-profit in Singapore, working towards food security for all in Singapore, by making nutritious food free and accessible to the country's underprivileged, across races and religions  Free Food For All accepts perishable and nonperishable food items from those who wish to donate to our organisation, with the following guidelines: 

Perishable Foods 

  • Storage: chilled temperature is 5°C or less; frozen is 0°C or less 
  • Packaging: securely sealed; items packaged separately 

Baked Goods 

  • Storage: cool & dry 
  • Packaging: packed in bags or boxes 

Fresh Produce 

  • Storage: temperature is cool & dry (varies based on product) 
  • Packaging: packed in bags or boxes 

Dry Goods / Shelf Stable Items 

  • Minimum of 2 weeks prior to the expiration date 
  • Storage: temperature is cool & dry 
  • Packaging: food must be in its intact, original packaging  

Free Food For All cannot accept: 

  • Cooked food/meals (food that has been heated/reheated)
  • Food that has previously been served to the public (food from a serving/buffet line, etc.) 
  • Alcohol or food prepared with alcohol 
  • Infant milk formula from 0 - 6 months in support of breastfeeding as per MOH guideline 
  • Food not prepared in a commercial, regulated, or licensed kitchen 
  • Food that are open, have a broken seal, or showing signs of leakage, tampering, significant decay or odour 
  • Food that has been held at improper temperatures

Read here for more information on food donation guidelines

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