Dignity Mama - National University Hospital

1 Lower Kent Ridge Road
Accepts used books


Dignity Mama accepts used books which will be resold through small kiosks in Singapore's hospitals. This project provides caregivers and young adults with special needs the ability to start small businesses. Since Dignity Mama started in 2012, it has kept 50 thousand books out of landfills and instead created employment opportunities for young adults with special needs.

  • Books accepted are Children's books, Adult Fiction/Non-Fiction (except Science Fiction), and Magazines (National Geographic, Reader’s Digest, Young Scientist, Adventure Science).
  • Dignity Mama does not accept books that are in poor condition, has controversial content (Religious, political or sexual content), banned books, outdated books, travel books before 2015, or non-english books.
1 Lower Kent Ridge Rd, Singapore 119082
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