ALBA EWaste Smart Recycling

20 Tuas Loop
Earn points when you recycle e-Waste


The ALBA Group is Singapore's first integrated PRS Operator for electrical and electronic waste, appointed by the NEA since July 2021.

Types of E-waste accepted

  • Information and Communication Technology (ICT) equipment (including printers, computers & laptops, computer accessories, mobile phones & tablets, adaptors & cables, etc)
  • Personal Mobility Devices (e-scooter, electric hoverboards, electric bikes, motorised wheelchairs, etc)
  • Large Household Appliances (including washing machines, dryers, televisions, refrigerators & air-conditioners, etc)
  • Batteries and Lamps

Earn points every time you recycle your e-Waste using ALBA Step Up App which then can be exchanged for discounts and deals with ALBA merchant partners.

20 Tuas Loop, Singapore 637350
e-Waste Collection
Computers & Laptops, Mobile Phones & Tablets, Printers, Adaptor & Cables, Computer Accessories, Routers & Modems, Network Hub/Switch, Batteries, Lamps, PMD - E-Scooter/Hoverboard, Large Household Appliances
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